TikTok Pay Per Stream

TikTok earnings are based off of the number of videos that use the artists music, not the number of streams those videos have. You may need to Google around and/or check their FAQs for current rates. Keep in mind that rates may change or fluctuate over time, depending on the total number of streams by all artists, the territory of the streams, and a bunch of other factors.

Distributors pass on royalty earnings of whatever was accumulate by the streaming services sending them your streams/sales, minus banking fees/applicable taxes. Unfortunately, the rates they pay distributors are not up to them — and they have no control over changing them. They just send along the agreed amounts that streaming services send to them. In the experience of Distrokid for example, they send 100% of that straight to the Artist.

Another interesting website and article that covers Tik Tok payouts; shares a calculator tool to see potential earnings and they also have a graph you can check out to show numbers.

Below are some videos of others research and experience on how Tik Tok pays out and the difference between other steaming site payouts.

What is your opinion on this and what experience have you had as an artist, business, or influencer?

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