TrackMagnet: TuneCore’s Release Tracker Revolution

Dive into the beat with TuneCore’s latest game-changer โ€“ the Release Tracker! Unlike your typical run-of-the-mill distributors, TuneCore steps up its game with a tool that falls into the “Very Useful” category โ€“ introducing the TuneCore Release Tracker.

This powerhouse of a tool doesn’t just stop at getting your music out there; it’s your backstage pass to the entire journey from submission to hitting the airwaves. Picture this: real-time updates on your release status, from the moment it’s sent into the digital universe until it lights up streaming platforms.

But wait, there’s more! The Release Tracker doubles up as your personal content wizard. It conjures up visual assets that scream, “Check out my new track,” tailor-made for your social media conquests. As your release goes through the motions โ€“ submitted, processed, approved, sent to stores, and finally, live โ€“ the Tracker keeps you in the loop. Got an action to take? It’ll let you know.

And the grand finale? A customized visual spectacle featuring your name, release title, artwork, and status. But why stop there? Add a dash of audio snippet and a mesmerizing moving background to spice things up before flaunting it across your socials.

Ready to join the VIP club? The TuneCore Release Tracker is now at the disposal of artists rocking the paid TuneCore UNLIMITED plan. TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson spills the beans…

In our quest to unravel the mysteries of the music biz and offer artists a front-row seat to the distribution process, we’ve crafted a tool that not only feeds them intel about their releases but also dishes out shareable promo materials.

Andreea Gleeson

Get ready to rock and roll with TuneCore’s Release Tracker โ€“ because your music deserves the spotlight! ๐ŸŽถ #TuneCoreTracker #MusicRevolution

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