Crip Walk Dance: History, Moves, Notable Dancers & More

Crip Walking is a dance that has become synonymous with the Crips gang in Southern California. It is considered one of the most recognizable signatures of the gang, and over the years, it has gained worldwide popularity. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Crip Walk, the different moves involved, and some notable dancers who have performed the dance.

What Is Crip Walk Dance?

The Crip Walk dance is a series of foot movements that were used as a gang sign by members of the Crips gang. The classic C-Walk involved spelling out the word “C-R-I-P” with footwork, which was a way for members to recognize each other. Over time, different variations of the dance emerged, including the Clown Walk, the Killwaukee Walk, and the Crown Walk.

The History Behind The Iconic C-Walk (Crip Walk) – KinerkTube (Play Video)

The history of Crip Walking dates back to the 1970s when it was created by Robert Jackson, also known as “Sugar Bear,” who was one of the first members of the Crips gang.

Robert “Sugar Bear” Jackson – First Generation Crip Leader

Jackson invented the dance while living in the notorious Compton area of California. The area was significant to both the Crips and Bloods gangs as it was where many of their original members lived and died.

Robert Jackson aka Sugar Bear via TikTok

As the C-Walk became popular among the Crips gang, it also gained recognition in the entertainment industry in the late 1980s.

Snoop Dogg

Popular rappers and artists like Snoop Dogg, WC, and Ice-T adopted the jittery pivots and shuffling motions of C-Walking.


Ice-T Explains How WC Put The C-Walk On The Front Page

Even Serena Williams, a tennis superstar raised in Compton, performed the C-Walk after defeating Maria Sharapova at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Serena Williams C-Walking After Winning Gold Medal

Crip Walk Dance Moves

C-Walking is a technical dance that requires practice to master. It involves different moves, and here are some of the most popular ones:

The Classic C-Walk To start the Classic C-Walk, stand with your feet together and relax your body. Then, move your feet about three or four inches apart from one another. Next, hop forward onto your dominant foot and kick your non-dominant foot back and onto its toes. Turn to your left, and repeat the same pattern with your non-dominant foot.

The Shuffle The Shuffle is a variation of the Classic C-Walk that involves shuffling your feet forward and backward.

The Heel-Toe The Heel-Toe is one of the more challenging moves involved in C-Walking. It involves placing your right foot at 90° behind your left foot and making a partial twist using your toes and heel.

The Snake The Snake is another popular move in C-Walking that involves moving your feet in a snake-like motion while bouncing.

It’s important to note that C-Walking is still a gang symbol, and practicing it in public settings can be dangerous, particularly in areas with high gang violence.

Notable Crip Walk Dancers

Over the years, many dancers have become famous for their Crip Walk performances. Here are some notable C-Walk dancers:

Big Caz – also known as “Crippin’ Caz,” Big Caz is a member of the Crips gang who has performed the dance in several music videos.

Lil C – Lil C is a dancer who has performed with many popular rappers, including Snoop Dogg and Ice-T.

B-Dawg – B-Dawg is a Crip Walk dancer who has performed in music videos for artists like WC and The Game.

Aries Spears – Aries Spears is a comedian and actor who has performed the C-Walk in several films and TV shows.


Crip Walking is a dance that is steeped in a complex history that cannot be ignored. As with any cultural expression, the Crip Walk has its roots in the social and political conditions that gave rise to its creation. It is important to acknowledge the context in which the C-Walk was born, which is rooted in the systemic racism and poverty that affected Black communities in Southern California during the 1970s.

The Crip Walk represents a form of resistance and a way of coping with the difficult conditions that many Black people faced in the area. It served as a form of self-expression and a way to assert a sense of pride and identity in the face of adversity. Although it has been co-opted by mainstream culture and has lost some of its original meaning, the Crip Walk remains an important cultural expression for many members of the Black community.

Despite its cultural significance, it is important to acknowledge the violence and harm that has been associated with the C-Walk. The dance has been used as a tool for gang initiation, signaling, and violence. The C-Walk has also been used to taunt rival gangs and provoke violence, which has resulted in countless deaths and injuries over the years.

It is important to recognize that the Crip Walk has a complex history that is tied to the social and political conditions of the time in which it was created. It is a cultural expression that is deeply rooted in the Black community, and it deserves to be respected and celebrated as such. At the same time, it is crucial to acknowledge the violence and harm that has been associated with the dance and to work towards finding ways to promote its positive aspects while addressing its negative ones.

Check out the video showing the iconic C-Walk that keeps getting plays via @kinerktube on TikTok

Final Conclusion: The Crip Walk is a dance that has captivated audiences around the world with its unique moves and history. From its origins as a gang sign to its mainstream popularity, the C-Walk has a complex and fascinating history that deserves to be explored and understood. It is a cultural expression that is steeped in the history and struggles of the Black community, and it remains an important form of self-expression and resistance to this day. However, it is important to acknowledge the violence and harm that has been associated with the Crip Walk and to work towards finding ways to promote its positive aspects while addressing its negative ones.

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The History Behind The Iconic C-Walk (Crip Walk) – KinerkTube (Play Video)

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