Launches Web-View Hybrid App For Android On Google Play – Download Free

Today, Saturday, July 9th, 20:20:22, the first-ever KinerkTube app version 1.0 is now on the Google Play Store for Android users and it’s free to download and use. Of course, there are upgraded plans you can choose to grab at any time and there’s also a limited lifetime deal for a one-time fee to get these upgrades for life, and never have to pay again.

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KinerkTube Android App 1.0
Today: Launched LIVE on Google Play for Android Users! ???️???

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This is our hybrid web-view app on Google Play for Android users. tell everybody with an Android to share and download.

Please Note: Since we are a web-view hybrid application from our main desktop website platform, we are not able to be on App Store for iOS due to their updated policy and terms around web-view hybrid apps as they’re no longer accepting these types of applications for approval. Our website is mobile-friendly so if you’re not able to get the application because you’re on an Apple phone, you can still add the homepage or your profile page as a home screen shortcut on your iOS device.

Why do people such as music Artists, Businesses, and Fans use KinerkTube?
People use KinerkTube to build relationships within the music industry, to experience what’s geographically around them, and to utilize, share and promote music; including music business opportunities, events, campaigns, merch, and more. KinerkTube is home to ARTISTS, BUSINESSES, and FANS of the music industry and is not limited to the underground, unsigned, independent, signed, or mainstream roles who make it all possible.

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