Elevate Your Music Campaigns: Introducing Audiomack Pre-Save w/ the Power of Link in Bio Page (i.e. Feature.fm etc.) And KinerkTube

Unveiling Audiomack Pre-Save: Supercharge Your Music Campaigns with KinerkTube’s Unique Edge

Date: Aug 24th, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 Min

Hey there, music makers and enthusiasts! The realm of music promotion is ever-evolving, and today we’re diving into the latest news that’s set to transform the way you connect with your fans. Feature.fm has just unveiled an exciting addition: Audiomack Pre-Save. But that’s not all – stay tuned till the end as we unveil a unique platform that takes your music campaigns to new heights.

Audiomack Pre-Save: Your Next Game-Changer

Step your game up with the new Audiomack Pre-Save integration on Feature.fm, elevating your smart pages and amplifying their impact on KinerkTube. Seamlessly showcase your Campaigns/Releases on Artist/Business pages, events, and create dynamic social posts, blogs, chats, and more using compatible smart landing page bio link platforms like Feature.fm.

We’re thrilled to introduce Audiomack as the latest supported service for Pre-Saves on Feature.fm. With millions of highly engaged listeners, Audiomack has solidified its place as a beloved streaming platform in the music world. Now, artists have the chance to tap into Audiomack’s vibrant fan base and establish a deeper connection with their audience.

Audiomack joins the ranks of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music as a platform where Feature.fm artists can set up and deliver their pre-save campaigns. This expansion means artists can now connect with their global fan audience on the platforms they love most.

Unleash the Potential with Audiomack

Fans who pre-save their favorite tracks on Audiomack through Feature.fm now have the exciting opportunity to receive Fan Notifications. These notifications are a powerful tool to supercharge release day streams and generate buzz around your music. For artists, Feature.fm’s advanced Pre-Save Delivery Analytics provides valuable insights into the performance of their Audiomack pre-save campaigns.

Seamlessly Integrate Audiomack into Your Strategy

Are you ready to make the most of Audiomack’s potential? Integrating it into your pre-save strategy is a breeze with Feature.fm and the leveraging power of KinerkTube:

  1. Add Audiomack to Your Default Stores: Include Audiomack as a pre-save option for all your future campaigns automatically or configure it selectively.
  2. Arrange Your Audiomack Placement: Tailor the placement of Audiomack to suit your preferences, and even customize it by country using the Localization option.
  3. Create Your Feature.fm Pre-Save: When you’re ready to launch your pre-save campaign, generate a new Pre-Save Smart Link. Audiomack will seamlessly integrate if added to your Default Stores.
  4. Release and Reap the Benefits: As your Pre-Save transforms into a Smart Link on release day, Feature.fm’s Autoscan technology takes over. It seamlessly populates the Audiomack-specific URL according to your Scan Source settings.

Introducing KinerkTube: Elevating Your Music Campaigns Further

And now, let’s explore an innovative platform that adds a new layer to your music campaigns. Enter KinerkTube – a unique space where your music campaigns gain unprecedented traction. It’s the only platform that allows you to stack campaigns, showcasing bio pages, songs, album releases, and events. Your pre-saved content remains active, creating a buzz that leads up to your song’s release.

How does it work? It’s a breeze. Navigate to your page or event editor on KinerkTube, access the campaign section, choose your link in bio platform, and add the URL link along with a compelling title, description, and tags. These filters boost discoverability, making your content more accessible to eager listeners.

KinerkTube’s music maps enable users to filter out pages with campaigns, leading them to your dedicated page. Here, they can engage, comment, like, and share your campaigns, amplifying your visibility. Members receive campaign stats, and advanced analytics are available to upgraded members.

Easily share your dynamic smart pages, widget players, and all the captivating content from your KinerkTube pages. Seamlessly post them within your KinerkTube social music network, allowing others to engage with and play them directly in your posts. Additionally, you can effortlessly distribute the link to your KinerkTube content or page across various other social and media communication platforms. KinerkTube will show the entire page via iframe embed whilst others show just the link and thumbnail.

But that’s not all. KinerkTube goes a step further by allowing you to integrate pixels for retargeting on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This dynamic approach ensures you never miss an opportunity to reconnect with your audience.

Elevate Your Music Marketing Today

The introduction of Audiomack Pre-Save on Feature.fm is a game-changer in itself, empowering artists to connect with their fan base on a global scale. Pair that with the innovative capabilities of KinerkTube, and you’ve got a winning formula to elevate your music marketing strategy.

Unlock the potential of Audiomack and amplify your campaigns with KinerkTube – the dynamic duo that’s set to redefine the way you engage with your audience. It’s time to take your music to the next level. Join Feature.fm and KinerkTube.com today and embark on a journey of unparalleled music promotion. Your music deserves nothing less.

How to Optimize KinerkTube with Feature.fm Smart Links for Dynamic Music Campaigns!

Discover how to seamlessly incorporate Feature.fm Smart Links and amplify your KinerkTube campaigns!

How to Optimize KinerkTube with Feature.fm Smart Links for Dynamic Music Campaigns!
Discover the steps to seamlessly integrate Featured.fm (Bio Page) campaigns into your KinerkTube artist/business pages on the Music Maps. This video tutorial guides you through the process, enabling you to add engaging campaigns to your pages, events, social posts, and encrypted chats.

To achieve this:

  1. Log into your member account.
  2. Navigate to “My Pages” from the dropdown menu in your account, or access it from the top profile thumbnail.
  3. Either use the pencil icon to edit the page or scroll down to the campaign section. Choose the preferred campaign platform, such as feature.fm.
  4. Provide campaign details, including title, description, genre, and moods (optional).
  5. Incorporate a description and paste the feature.fm URL link, then save your changes.
  6. Verify your page and share your creation within the KinerkTube social community.

Unlock the potential of your artist/business page with these simple steps! Don’t forget to share your newly enhanced content on KinerkTube and spread the word among your fellow music business enthusiasts.

Join the KinerkTube community today at KinerkTube.com and explore our diverse plans: https://KinerkTube.com/plans. Fans are also welcome to join the excitement at https://kinerktube.com/fanPlans.

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