KinerkTube Has A Rap Playlist On YouTube And Is Taking Music Video Submissions For All Genres

This is the Rap Videos playlist on KinerkTube Underground Music Maps official YouTube channel. Did you know KinerkTube promotes music on the side for FREE by submission? First come first serve basis.

The music video must be quality or good enough that it deserves the placement. KinerkTube uploads music videos directly to the channel with prior signed agreement by the royalty owner(s). The trade is simple, royalty owners (Artists, Labels, Managers, etc.) provide the content rights exclusively or non exclusively for placement and exposure. Monetization is agreed upon before such release to the KinerkTube channel. This provides a ton of opportunity and exposure as well as gives KinerkTube the rights to dispute any copyright claims.

KinerkTube has helped videos get really high views and organic placement on search engines as well as YouTube search results. Plus are not just a cool music blog here, we are a music industry one-stop directory and marketing spot for the music industry people as well as the fans and consumers of it all. KinerkTube niche underground music maps platform will be launched in beta at some point in 2020.

Get FREE placement and exposure of your music video on the YouTube channel made for the music industry. KinerkTube Underground Music Maps on YouTube! Free promo till further notice! 🙂

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