Taylor Swift Breaks Spotify Single-Day Album Stream Record: ‘How Did I Get This Lucky’

On Friday, the singer-songwriter released her fourth studio album in three years

Midnights is officially a record-breaking album. On October 21st, 2022, Taylor Swift’s Midnights became Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day, and Taylor broke the record for the most-streamed artist in a single day in Spotify history.

Congratulations to the lyrical “Mastermind”!


Leading up to the release, Spotify and Taylor teamed up to reveal lyrics from Taylor’s album on different billboards around the world. Now that the album has arrived, fans are diving headfirst into the singer-songwriter’s words for themselves. 

If you haven’t already, (or maybe are about to do so for the 100th time), stream Midnights below.

Sharing Spotify’s tweet, Swift wrote,

How did I get this lucky, having you guys out here doing something this mind-blowing?! Like what even just happened??!?!”

Taylor Swift

The official streaming numbers were never mentioned by Spotify after the accomplishment, just that the record has been broke. Swift’s streams out performed Bad Bunny’s previously held record after Un Verano Sin Ti garnered 183 million streams when it was released in May. (Before Benito, Drake broke the record with 176.8 million for Certified Lover Boy.)

The broken record announcement came hours after some Twitter users reported that Spotify briefly crashed Thursday night as fans flocked to the app to listen to the record as it was released. The album generated so much demand that it crashed the Spotify (SPOT) platform upon its debut with nearly 8,000 outages reported on Downdetector shortly after midnight.

Among the tracks featured on Midnights are single “Anti-Hero,” Lana Del Rey-featuring “Snow on the Beach,” and “Karma.” (She also followed up the 13-tracks standard album with a 3am Edition with seven additional songs.)

Leading up to Midnights dropping, Swift collaborated with the music streaming service to slowly release lyrics from the LP on massive billboards across the world, including Nashville, New York City, São Paulo, and London.

Among the lyrics were “Just like clockwork, the dominoes cascaded in a line” in Brazil, “I polish up real nice,” in England, and “I should not be left to my own devices” on the east coast.

The partnership with Spotify strengthens the relationship between Swift and the streaming platform, from which Swift originally pulled her music from in 2014.

As part of my new contract with Universal Music Group, I asked that any sale of their Spotify shares result in a distribution of money to their artist, non-recoupable,”

Swift wrote in an Instagram post in 2018, when her music made it back on the platform.

They have generously agreed to this, at what they believe will be much better terms than paid out previously by other major labels.

Taylor Swift

Here is the Album on YouTube where it is also doing well in the millions of views. ?

Midnights Taylor Swift Album

According to Twitter (TWTR), Taylor Swift has been mentioned 329 million times over the last 12 years. The nickname for the singer’s fan base — “Swifties” — has been tweeted 18 million times since 2010.

Additionally, Swift’s influence has had an indirect impact on other artists; mentions of Lana Del Rey surged by 9x after it was announced that Del Rey would be collaborating with Swift on “Midnights.”

Bonnell also noted that various consumer-facing brands such as Target (TGT), Auntie Anne’s, Amtrak, LinkedIn, and Duolingo (DUOL) have all tweeted about the “Midnights” album over the past 24 hours. She described the phenomenon as a powerful example of the singer’s pop culture reach.

“To be able to evoke that deep sense of loyalty and commitment across generations, across categories, and across years is just incredibly genius,” Bonnell said. “What Taylor Swift does brilliantly well is mirror — mirror the emotions of others in short tales that anyone, no matter what age, race, or background, can relate to.”

Taylor Swift arrives at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, U.S., August 28, 2022. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Taylor Swift frequently adopts different personas to match each era of her music, whether it be the indie feel of “Folklore,” the romantic sounds of “Lover,” or the dark brooding of “Midnights.”

“That’s what I think Taylor Swift does extraordinarily well,” Bonnel explained. “She’s kind of future-proof. Reinvention is the key to being able to stay relevant.”

That reinvention has proven to be a viable strategy for 32-year-old Swift, who currently boasts a net worth of $570 million, according to the latest Forbes estimate.

Additionally, she’s won 11 Grammys, and rumors have swirled that she could possibly be nominated for an Oscar for her 15-minute “All Too Well” short-film video released last year.

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