Spatial Sound, Bigger Rewards: Apple’s Revelation on Amplified Payouts for Artists

Apple Music has announced an increase in royalty payments for music released in the more immersive Spatial Audio on their streaming service. The company emphasized the importance of properly rewarding artists as technologies evolve to allow higher-quality content creation. This change will be reflected in January’s month-end royalty payments, with Spatial Audio tracks receiving up to a 10 percent higher payout rate.

Spatial Audio, introduced through Dolby Atmos technology on Apple Music in 2021, has been touted as a revolutionary experience in music listening. The platform has witnessed a significant increase in the number of Spatial Audio-compatible songs, growing by 5,000 percent since its launch. Approximately 80 percent of tracks in Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 last year were released in Spatial Audio.

While the specific impact on artists and songs remains unclear, Apple’s decision to boost Spatial royalties raises questions. Some speculate it could encourage consumers to invest in Apple hardware, enhancing the platform’s differentiation from competitors like Spotify. Apple Music has been actively promoting Spatial Audio, equipping headphones with these capabilities and featuring new releases prominently.

In the pursuit of providing a high-end audio experience, Apple Music’s commitment to Spatial Audio extends beyond royalties. The company has introduced higher quality lossless audio for subscribers, further emphasizing its dedication to audio excellence.

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SOURCE: RollingStone

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