How KinerkTube Makes Marketing Your Music Easy and Economical 

Finding an audience is what every upcoming artist dreams of. An audience not only gives you financial security but allows you to continue producing music that you’re passionate about. In regards to marketing, many aspiring artists tend to ask the following questions:

How do I promote my music and/or events?

How do I do this with no money?

How do I manage all of the promotional outlets I have for my brand? 

I was once told that making music is the easy part while finding people to listen to your tracks was difficult. For the longest time, I lived by this statement to the point that anything or anyone that offered a stressless way to share music made me skeptical. That was until I found KinerkTube and immediately fell in love with how user-friendly the site was, especially for aspiring artists. 

In this blog, I will go over how you can use KinerkTube to easily promote your music.


Embeds are critical for marketing through the internet. What are embeds? How do they help you as an artist? Embedding is the integration of media into a post or article. Unlike a link, embeds place the media being shared as part of the overall post. As a result, people can view whatever was embedded without having to switch Browser tabs and within the context of what it’s being shared around. If someone does decide to click on the media they are likely to check out other works from that content creator. 

KinerkTube can help you promote all of your music through embeds put either in your blogs/post and music maps pages. Also, you can share details about your upcoming events through the site event’s map. What makes this even more awesome is how all of these pages are connected to your profile.

To put it simply someone can discover you, listen to your music, read about your musical taste, and plan to support you by attending one of your upcoming events all within the KinerkTube platform. 

A One-Stop-Shop

KinerkTube is more than just a directory and review site where you can find all the music people and music business pages on the map… KinerkTube is also a huge social music network with a vast community of underground and mainstream industry artists as well as the professional businesses that help us with our goals.

(From KinerkTube’s Benefits of KinerkTube page)

Free music platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp aren’t always the best way to promote yourself as an artist. This is because those sites and similar ones like them are built around the musician showcasing a single or album and hoping it goes viral. However, those sites limit how interactive artists can be with their supports. Furthermore, they don’t allow for potential fans to see where their new favorite artist will be performing next. 

Unlike standard social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter), KinerkTube is geared specifically towards artists. 

Managing your career on KinerkTube is easier than ever. Your brand, businesses, and artistry all have designated pages, which allows you to be an entrepreneur with multiple skill sets.
To further increase your fans experience upgrading your KinerkTube account allows for more pages to streamline. As a result, fans can discover similar content along with your other associated pages. KinerkTube is dedicated to creating a music community.

As a result, while it’s possible you become a “one-hit wonder” on those platforms and initially make substantial money, on KinerkTube you are way more likely to build a career. 

Taking Your Promotion to the Next Level

Now that you know how to use KinerkTube as a one-stop-shop for promoting your brand and staying in touch with fans it’s time to learn about how to promote. 

(Every form of media shared below can be embedded into your KinerkTube pages)


Creating a central website for yourself is a fantastic way to host your media under a single domain. Websites also allow for artists to gain more attention from possible producers and potential fans. Artists can post about themselves and update visitors on their music. 

Furthermore, websites will create a flow of traffic that can easily be reviewed by the artist. As a result, musicians can find out what songs or albums they have created draw more listeners and which ones do not.

The downside of websites is their expense. The average price from a site such as Squarespace is $100 to $300 a year. For an aspiring artist who is making little to no profit on their music that can be a lot to ask. Also, if you decide to have someone design your site that price point will rise significantly.

Free website creators such as Wix and Weebly are limited and probably not the best choices for a long-term site promotion of your music.


Combining music with other forms of media such as videography can grab the attention of more people. A performer can choose to sing in from of the camera, do a lyric video with uniquely font text appearing on the screen, or create a music video. 

Depending on the song and the artist’s persona one of these video types will work better than the other. Creating videos can be a challenge at first, however with smartphones and practically everyone has a camera nowadays it’s getting easier to film. The trick to making a video is to showcase your musical talent while keeping the audience’s attention visually. This is easy if on camera there is action and movement going on. However, if you decide to simply sing in front of the camera emotion and passion are what sell. People are drawn to seeing the facial expressions of the artist when watching these videos. It allows them to feel more connected to the person and could increase traffic on your channel and future events.

As far as editing, there are countless programs some free and others in the hundreds annually (Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.). Similar to creating a website the cheaper a program is the less flexibility the artist has when putting their vision onscreen. 

Example of Lyric Video

Recorded Singing Examples

Live Performances

Live performances are a unique aspect of KinerkTube since a large part of the site is dedicated to event mapping. Therefore, promoting your performances merely takes a couple of clicks. The trick with live performances is to find a venue and manage any updates such as date/time changes or additional artists joining you. The more active you stay in updating people about your events the more people will inevitably show up. 

The benefits of live performances come from creating a personalized experience for those in attendance. Your voice and performance are meant to play to that specific crowd. That’s the beauty of live performances

In addition, you’ll be able to meet with people who like your music and possibly share a similar taste to your own. You may even meet future collaborators who would have never reached out unless they saw you in person. Live performance also encourages you to grow as an artist since the nerves and adjustment of playing in front of a crowd tend to inspire positive change. 

Song Covers

In both of my previous media examples that can help you promote yourself as an artist, the choice of the song you sing will decide your audience. While this is great if you can write a hit song, it’s potentially hurtful if you have limited experience in writing music. 

Covering a song is a more guaranteed way of attracting viewers. People tend to click on content that includes things they are previously associated with. Singing a song you love also allows you to share your taste with your fans.

Branding and Merch

Another way you can promote is by creating a brand. A logo and color scheme that matches your personality and music type will go a long way in listeners identifying you. There’s plenty of ways to do this using photoshop and free logo creators such as Canva that you can find by doing a standard google search. Just make sure that there’s is no copyright on any logo you create if you do use a free option. 

Deciding how you will brand yourself is the tricky part. You want to still be you, but also feel professional in quality and recognizable to an extent. I suggest looking at artists you like and studying how they brand themselves. Similar to how you use their music as inspiration use their branding as well then add your uniqueness.

Once you have finished creating a brand your next step should be looking into merchandising. There are a few ways you can do this either you find a custom printing supplier such as CustomInk to print your brand on a variety of items then you sell it or you can create the clothing from scratch. Whatever option you choose depends on your budget and time. Printing suppliers are a little more costly, but you’ll be less occupied with merch as opposed to making the items.

Know your audience and build them with KinerkTube

In essence, marketing your music comes down to understanding who will be listening to your work. If you want to be a Rockstar: who specifically listens to rock music? If you want to be a pop star: who specifically listens to pop music?

Sometimes these questions are a lot harder to answer than they appear. The best thing to do is to be open, honest, and organized with how you promote yourself. KinerkTube allows you to easily connect all of your media, sites, and event updates using pages and events which connects to your profile. In addition, KinerkTube provides Analytics and Insights on all your pages and content within your pages to help better target your music demographics for marketing planning. If you ever want to share your playlist and thoughts on music writing a blog on the site is a click away.