Video Podcasts on Spotify Now Available; Plus Displays The Video on Embed

After announcing last year that Video Podcasts on Spotify would help you show your story, Anchor got excited to invite you world of creators to take your show to the next level: Starting today, Video Podcasts are available to all Anchor creators in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Video creators, like their audio counterparts, can reach millions of people on Spotify and leverage exclusive monetization offerings—including Spotify’s Podcast Subscriptions—to turn Video Podcasts into a new source of income. Fans, meanwhile, have the option to either view episodes front-and-center or seamlessly switch them to the background for on-the-go listening.
Spotify Podcast Embed Players Now Displays Video. Use a Spotify URL of a podcast episode like this, and it will show the video in your blog. Try it on where you can do the same thing but in social posts, instant chat, on your music map pages of artists and business, and on events and opportunities. Fans can also share via social and chat.

With video, you can try a different medium and reach new fans on Spotify 

Whether you’re already a podcaster who’s been thinking about trying video or you’re already making video content, Video Podcasts on Spotify represent a massive opportunity. For audio podcasters, a whole new medium is now at your fingertips. Unleash your imagination to enrich and complement audio for fans, or build an all-new visual identity for your show. You may even have video footage ready to go, and uploading it straight to Spotify through Anchor can be a seamless part of your workflow.   

Currently a podcaster sharing video on a different platform? Just add Spotify! You’ve already created the content—now you can easily share it on Spotify (using Anchor’s new bulk-replace migration tool, which allows you to replace audio episodes with video). Once you create your Anchor account, getting started with Video Podcasts couldn’t be easier:

Your fans have the flexibility to watch or listen

With Video Podcasts, you’re also offering fans flexibility—to consume your content as video or audio. On Spotify, users can alternate between active watching (with video in the foreground) and lean-back listening (with video in the background). This means everyone can now enjoy their favorite episodes wherever they are, in any scenario: on the subway, in the kitchen, during a walk, or every time in between. And it’s available on users’ favorite Spotify players, including the Spotify mobile app, desktop app, web player, smart speakers, and most smart TVs and video-game consoles.

Fans can consume your content wherever they are, whether they prefer to listen or watch

Riverside x Anchor: the perfect match for podcasters looking to publish video content

As part of Anchor’s Video Podcasts launch, they’re also excited to announce their new partnership with, the go-to platform for recording audio and video podcasts in studio quality from anywhere. The integration enables Anchor creators to record and publish video content with one host and up to seven guests for free with Riverside, with a quick distribution path to Spotify. To get started, simply create a new episode in Anchor and click the Riverside icon to record your first video podcast for free.

Change the way you earn with Spotify and Anchor

Take advantage of Anchor’s free and easy-to-use platform, while expanding your reach to millions on Spotify, then monetizing with exclusive features like Podcast Subscriptions. With Podcast Subscriptions, you can make your video part of your exclusive content, incentivizing your biggest fans to directly support you to unlock more. And Ads by Anchor provides a suite of monetization options for creators at all levels. Anchor is opening up Automated ads, which gives you access to third-party brands targeted to your listeners, to more video podcasters with high listener engagement starting now. You can also make money on your podcast by reading ads about Anchor through Ambassador ads—they’ll be quickly expanding this option to video podcasters throughout the next few months.

Spotify continues to pioneer new forms of interactivity, such as Q&A and Polls, along with tools to give you greater control over your content. It’s exciting to see how Video Podcasts change the way you connect with your audience—not to mention the way you create. Anchor also can’t wait to expand to even more countries later this year, so as always, stay tuned!

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