Tyga’s Lavish Gift to Avril: $80K Worth of Dazzling Diamonds!


Avril Lavigne was recently spotted flaunting an expensive new piece of jewelry around her neck, courtesy of her new beau, Tyga. The custom-made diamond chain was gifted to Avril by Tyga and is estimated to be worth a whopping $80,000. The piece was created by celebrity jeweler Eric Mavani, who revealed that it features 50 carats of white diamonds, black diamonds, and pink sapphires.

The chain is adorned with several pendants, including Avril’s first name, two pendants with the letter “A” imposed over a pink heart, and a pair of skulls and crossbones with pink ribbons.


Tyga had approached Eric three weeks before Paris Fashion Week to commission the piece. Interestingly, the couple’s relationship seemed to have taken off while they were in Paris, where they were seen kissing and holding hands.


Despite the luxurious gift, Tyga and Avril are reportedly still in the early stages of dating and have not yet put any labels on their relationship. Avril’s ex, Mod Sun, has not publicly commented on her new bling, but fans are sure to have something to say. Only time will tell if the expensive diamond gift will change the couple’s relationship status.

We captured the story posted by Ericdajewler in Instagram for you to watch right here…

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