Splits: Priority Payouts

TuneCore Introduces Customizable Payouts for Collaborators

Splits: Priority Payouts

September 2023 Music News by KinerkTube:

TuneCore, a leading platform for independent artists, has expanded its Splits feature to offer artists more control over how their earnings are distributed among collaborators.

Andreea Gleeson, TuneCore’s CEO, expressed excitement about the development, saying, “We’re thrilled to introduce Splits: Priority Payouts as part of TuneCore’s ongoing commitment to simplify artists’ lives. By providing creators with tools to streamline financial aspects of music release, we aim to foster a dynamic community of independent creators, promoting collaboration and ensuring fair compensation for all parties involved.”

Splits: Priority Payouts allows creators to precisely tailor the revenue distribution for each track. Notably, artists can allocate a predetermined sum to a collaborator before percentage-based splits are distributed to others. This is particularly useful for artists looking to cover recording costs before dividing earnings with collaborators. Additionally, it provides a means for artists to negotiate effectively with producers, who are often a significant portion of collaborators.

This enhancement is available to any artist on a paid UNLIMITED plan within TuneCore. Those utilizing TuneCore’s free New Artist plan can access this feature for just $7.99 a year through the Splits Collaborator add-on.

TuneCore’s commitment to providing artists with adaptable tools, like Splits and Priority Payouts, reinforces its mission to facilitate collaboration and sustain artists’ careers. This empowers them to focus more on creating exceptional music, while spending less time on administrative tasks.

Believe, the parent company of TuneCore, stands as one of the foremost digital music entities globally. With a mission centered on nurturing independent artists and labels, Believe offers comprehensive solutions tailored to every stage of an artist’s career. Its dedicated team of digital music experts leverages a global technology platform to guide artists and labels, facilitating the distribution and promotion of their music.

TuneCore, an integral part of Believe, serves as a leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists. Offering an array of services spanning distribution, publishing administration, and promotional support, TuneCore empowers artists to retain full control of their sales revenue and rights. With a global presence across five continents, TuneCore is dedicated to propelling artists towards success.

For more information, visit www.tunecore.com.

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