TikTok Launches New ‘SoundOn’ Program And Now Playing a Key Role In The Music Distribution Process

TikTok’s looking to provide more direct support for unsigned musicians, and help them boost their presence, with a new initiative called SoundOn, which will enable any musician to upload and license their tracks for use on TikTok and its partner music streaming platform Resso.

SoundOn] allows artists to upload their music directly to TikTok and begin earning royalties, when that music is used. SoundOn pays out 100% royalties to music creators in the first year and 90% after that, and provides a range of promotional tools and support


Support tools include audience insight and development notes, advice from a dedicated SoundOn artist team, access to TikTok’s song tab and promotional support through creator marketing inside the app.

In addition, SoundOn artists will also be able to distribute their work to other music platforms.

“As a result, fans loyalty transcends TikTok and helps artists build audiences on other streaming services and DSPs.”

SoundOn might be your new distro niche and a very attractive service for those looking to make a name of themselves in the industry, with TikTok now playing a key role in the music distribution process, and connecting audiences to new tracks.

There’s no question about it that music is a critical element in the TikTok experience, with 9 out of 10 users viewing sound according to their reports. TikTok’s influence on the industry has also become increasingly evident, with some publishers even changing the names of their artists’ tracks to be more in line with how they’re being referred to on the platform, while producers are also now implementing TikTok trends into their process, as they seek to generate viral traction through the app; Given this, the platform has been working for some time to provide more opportunities for independent musicians to get their work out there, and gain traction via TikTok trends.

Back in 2020, TikTok also signed a deal with UnitedMasters to help underground and independent musicians launch their careers via the app. Now, SoundOn is the next evolution of that process, facilitating more direct connection between creators and the platform, which will of course be an intriguing proposal for many prospective artists.

Worth noting, too, Meta launched a similar program in June last year (2021) about their Partnership with Distrokid, Tunecore, and United Masters which helps get music distributed in to their Facebook and Instagram platforms.

It’s exciting to see how artists will respond to the SoundOn program, and how it influences future music trends, and helps musicians build their presence – while it could also open up new opportunities for brands to partner with more underground and independence artists (musicians) to help boost their campaigns.

SoundOn is now fully launched in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia – you can check out the SoundOn website here.

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