The Dark Side of Royalty-Free

Quality music for content creators is becoming more expensive. As a result, artists are resorting to free music often categorized as in the public domain or royalty-free. While at first glance this seems great the issue with using such songs is that most of them are specified as being for non-commercial purposes. With YouTube, a site in its early days notorious for being lenient on its copyright policies, now cracking down on such in recent years it’s only a matter of time before other media networks follow suit. Soon the accessibility of music for content creators will be diminished especially for those who have little to no financial backing because they haven’t found their audience. 

The solution. Find music creators with roughly equal audience numbers, offer a cut of your ad revenue for commercial access to a song of theirs, and grow together.

Or you can just watch the views go up on your content while the money in your bank account goes down.