Spotify’s $10 Symphony: Navigating the New Wave of Fines for Fake Streams!

Spotify to charge $10 per song for fake streams

Date {11/15/23}

Hey there, music mavens! Big news in the Spotify universe – buckle up for some major changes in the royalty game. Starting next year, Spotify is dropping the hammer on fake streams with a $10 (or 10 EU, if you’re feeling continental) charge per song that’s been artificially pumped up.

Picture this: more than 90% of streams on a track turn out to be faker than a plastic lawn flamingo. Boom! Spotify’s hitting labels and distributors with a fee, adding some serious spice to the royalty mix. It’s like Spotify’s saying, “Boosting by 50-60%? Not on our watch!”

Major artists, no sweat. But for the up-and-comers trying to sneak in some extra plays, it’s a whole different tune. The big question buzzing around – why set the bar so high? Some label folks are scratching their heads, thinking Spotify’s giving a bit too much leeway.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. DistroKid, TuneCore, and CD Baby, the big shots in self-service distribution, might feel the heat more than a jalapeño in a salsa contest. With their flood of unvetted uploads, policing this stream crackdown could be a wild ride. And at $10 or less for entry-level distribution, those fines might just hit a sour note.

Hold up, though! Among the contenders, there’s one rebel with a cause. DistroKid’s CEO, Phill Kaplan, is reportedly not vibing with Spotify’s fines. He’s playing the “can’t predict if your neighbor will commit a crime” card. Fair point, or just a spin on the turntable? You decide.

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