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The music industry is undergoing a major transformation, driven by the ever-evolving power of artificial intelligence (AI). From composing unique melodies to generating personalized marketing campaigns, AI tools are empowering artists, producers, and music professionals in exciting new ways. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 of the most impactful AI tools currently available, categorized by their function and providing links and pricing information. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, this list will equip you with the knowledge to leverage the power of AI and take your music career to the next level.

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Music Creation & Production:

  1. Amper Music (โ‚ฌ19/month): Elevate your music game with Amper. It’s not just a tool; it’s your AI composer crafting royalty-free tunes. Imagine effortlessly creating a custom soundtrack for your next video project.
  2. Amadeus Code ($47/month): Amadeus Code is your musical partner, generating melodies, harmonies, and chords at the touch of a button. Picture sketching out the foundation of your next hit, all with the help of this intuitive melody-making maestro.
  3. LANDR ($3/month): Your secret weapon for that polished sound, LANDR’s AI mastering is like having a personal audio engineer. Envision your raw track transformed into a professionally mastered masterpiece.
  4. MuseNet (Free, open-source): OpenAI’s MuseNet isn’t just another music generator; it’s a platform for creative exploration. Dive into the world of AI-generated compositions, experimenting with melodies and harmonies that push the boundaries of your creativity.
  5. Jukebox (Free, open-source): Unleash Jukebox’s power for lyrical innovation. It’s OpenAI’s creation that doesn’t just generate lyrics; it crafts entire songs. Imagine lyrics that resonate, crafted by an AI with a knack for storytelling.

Lyrics & Songwriting:

  1. Melodic ($39/month): Melodic is your songwriting sidekick, helping you craft irresistible hooks and melodies. Picture effortlessly creating lyrics that stick in people’s minds, making your songs memorable.
  2. ($9.99/month): Dive into the surreal world of, where lyrics come to life. From verses to choruses, this tool conjures lyrics with a touch of AI magic.
  3. ($15/month): Ever wished to isolate vocals or drums from a track? is your answer. Picture stripping away background noise and focusing on the elements that matter most in your audio recordings.

Marketing & Distribution:

  1. Ditto Music ($19/year): Break into the global music scene with Ditto Music. This AI-powered platform amplifies your reach, distributing your tracks far and wide. Imagine your music reaching ears across the globe, all with the help of Ditto’s distribution prowess.
  2. Echord Music: Echord Music is your AI marketing companion, tailored for audience engagement. Envision a tool that fine-tunes your marketing strategies, connecting you with the audience that truly vibes with your music.
  3. Feedbands ($29/month): Feedbands cranks up the volume on music promotion. Picture your tracks getting the spotlight on YouTube and social media, gaining traction and turning heads in the digital music landscape.
  4. Opus AI (Free plan, $19/month for Pro): Opus AI isn’t just about music; it’s about data-driven insights. Imagine harnessing the power of AI for audience targeting, ensuring your music resonates with the right ears.

Performance & Live Music:

  1. (Custom pricing): Take center stage with, your go-to for AI-powered virtual band creation. Picture orchestrating a live performance with a virtual band that complements your style and enhances your stage presence.
  2. STAARS Music (Custom pricing): STAARS Music adds a personal touch to live events. Imagine an AI-powered composer tailoring music specifically for your live performances, creating an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Business & Management:

  1. AI2, by BMAT (Custom pricing): AI2, by BMAT, simplifies music rights management. Picture efficient royalty tracking, ensuring artists get their due in the complex world of music rights.
  2. Musically ($49/month): Musically is your shortcut through the labyrinth of music licensing. Envision a platform streamlining the rights clearance process, making it easier for artists to navigate the legalities of music usage.
  3. (Custom pricing): is your crystal ball for music industry trends. Imagine delving into AI-powered data analysis, gaining insights that steer your music career in sync with the ever-changing industry landscape.

Additional Tools:

  1. Boomy ($9.99/month for Creator plan): Boomy isn’t just a music generator; it’s a distribution powerhouse. Picture creating music, adding vocals, and then effortlessly sharing your masterpiece on streaming platforms.
  2. Mubert AI (Free plan, $5/month for Pro): Mubert AI crafts royalty-free music based on your prompts. Imagine generating a unique soundtrack for your video, simply by providing a YouTube link or other cues.
  3. Soundful (Free plan, $9.99/month for Pro): Soundful is your audio magician, tweaking key and tempo while maintaining audio quality. Picture modifying audio recordings effortlessly, adapting them to your creative vision.
  4. Ecrett Music ($19/month): Ecrett Music gives you the reins to customize pre-composed music loops. Envision crafting your own musical journey by tweaking instruments and structure to suit your unique style.

Remember to check individual websites for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect even more innovative and groundbreaking tools to emerge, further transforming the music industry. By embracing these advancements and using them strategically, musicians and music professionals can unlock new creative possibilities, streamline workflows, and gain valuable insights to achieve their goals. So, dive into the world of AI music tools, experiment, and discover how they can help you write your own musical success story.

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And that’s a wrap on our AI music tool roundup! We’ve dished out the top 20 players in this tech orchestra, but the party doesn’t stop here. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments because, let’s face it, the more, the merrier in this AI music fiesta. Keep the beats groovin’, and until next time, stay tuned for more tech harmony! ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿค– #AIFinale @kinerkblog

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