Raquel Reigns Interview – Talks TikTok Fame, Subway Sessionz, and more!

Raquel Reigns Interview – Talks TikTok Fame, Subway Sessionz, and more!

Interviewed by Backstage & Behind The Scenes

Remember when we discovered and shared that singer Raquel doing #SubwaySessionz on TikTok?

Well, we got contacted by Backstage & Behind The Scenes and he did an exclusive interview with Raquel Reigns over an online call. Get the full scoop of how she started doing singing under the subway in New York on her way to work in her new journey of life as she originally has her roots from growing up in California and recently moved to the east coast. Raquel goes on to explain some of her experiences and ultimately how she was able to gain a large following on TikTok as well as adjust her schedule earlier to get more sessions in; more TikTok and Instagram content to share helping her go Viral and soon going to be over 1 Million+ Followers. The beautifully talented artist singer, using all her years of experience, finds her niche to spread her vocals as she describes her first noticing the echo of her singing there as a sound that…

Reverberate down the passageway”

She further explains how she loves to take fan requests and sing those when she gets to that New York Subway not far her place of employment. Her friends and coworkers couldn’t be more proud of her success and Raquel herself is excited about the support and direction her music now is going.

Check out her singing Chandelier one of the popular ones via TikTok that we also shared on our Instagram.

Her is the full interview via Backstage & Behind The Scenes on #YouTube

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