Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Assaulted in Florida Gym Sauna: Latest Updates on His Hospitalization

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03/21/23 9:03 PM PT — Video has surfaced showing a portion of the attack, you see one man continuously hit Tekashi while the rapper does his best to defend his face.


Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper known for his controversial persona, was said to have been taken to a hospital on Tuesday (March 21) following an alleged assault that reportedly took place inside a gym in South Florida. WPTV reported that an attorney for the 26-year-old artist, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, claimed that he was attacked by “three or four thugs” while in the sauna of the gym. “Stoopid” is one of the songs by the MC.

According to Lance Lazzaro, the lawyer for Daniel Hernandez, the rapper suffered cuts and bruises on his face during an alleged attack that took place in a South Florida gym. Lazzaro reported that Hernandez was in the sauna when “three or four thugs” attacked him, causing a commotion that prompted the gym’s employees to call the police and emergency services. Hernandez was then taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. It is not yet clear what injuries Hernandez sustained or whether he is still in the hospital.

TMZ obtained a video of the incident, which appears to show an unidentified man repeatedly punching and kicking Hernandez while he is on the floor of what looks like a bathroom. Hernandez’s face is visibly swollen and bloodied in pictures posted on the site, which also reported that he sustained injuries to his back, ribs, and jaw. In the video, one of the attackers can be heard saying “take a picture, I’m gonna be famous now” as he grabs Hernandez by the hair.

Lazzaro told TMZ that he is working on providing his client with protection, given Hernandez’s history with the law. In 2019, Hernandez was sentenced to two years behind bars on charges of drug trafficking, racketeering, and firearms offenses related to his involvement with the Nine Trey Bloods street gang. He was granted early release from federal prison in April 2020 after cooperating with the authorities in their cases against his former associates.

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03/22/23 4:20 PM PT

The men allegedly involved in the brutal beatdown of Tekashi 6ix9ine appeared to have had a plan in place to creep up on the rapper … as evidenced in new surveillance footage from the gym.

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In a video by TMZ the man approaches the front door of the gym to let another man in, and after a brief convo with the front desk employee, they beeline it to the gym’s restroom and sauna area joined by a third man.

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It certainly looks like the two men were plotting some malicious plan … but it’s still unclear if they knew Tekashi was going to be at the gym all along, or if one man possibly saw 6ix9ine and called his buddy to help.

The video at top of this article page shows from inside the gym’s sauna area where a group of men had been punching, kicking and cussing out the rapper for being a snitch.

The rapper’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, tells sources he’s going to talk to the feds about potentially getting Tekashi some much-needed protection from future attacks.

6ix9ine’s attorney said he was attacked by
a group of “three or four thugs.”
Authorities reportedly brought him to the hospital
with non-life-threatening injuries.
It’s not clear what motivated the attack.
Allegedly, one of the men who jumped #6i×9ine at LA Fitness was just released from prison last year after serving 8 years in prison 😳‼️ via HipHop Wave

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