New Music Feature Leaked For Instagram Users: How To Add A Song To My IG Profile?

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Okay, so we know Instagram is one of the most used social applications today. The social network is part of the Meta company led by Mark Zuckerberg and in coexistence with it’s other top social applications WhatsApp and Facebook; a powerful trio of platforms running integrations with one another.

To ensure the best user experience, the company is making several updates adding new features. After several changes in WhatsApp, it’s time for Instagram to undergo a revamp.

The Instagram “New Feature”

The Photos and Videos app has a new feature in the testing phase. Now, the new option will allow users to add a song to their profile in the same way as it currently does on Facebook.

With this feature possiblity, the user can make the resource visible in their profile. The song can be found under the bio and links on the person’s personal page.

Internet user Alessandro Paluzzi, already known for leaking information on social networks, has published some screenshots showing how the novelty will work. He did a demo by adding Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” directly to his account.

With this news, we now see the tool may allow users to further customize their profile on the Instagram. It’s not just about your bio description about yourself, there is still a way to add a song that has some meaning.

How Can I Add A Song To My Instagram Profile?

Meta has not yet commented on the details of the new possibility… However, it is possible that adding a song to the top of your Instagram profile will work for you now unless they have plans to roll it out gradually. Perhaps to test the market!?! According to the images Paluzzi shows, the option will be available in the profile editing area.

So, just select the last button option at the bottom of the app i.e. your profile picture. Once you’re done, simply click on the big button between the profile info and highlights. The option contains the text “Edit Profile”.

A new field will appear with the “Choose your music” option. By clicking, the user will be able to choose the song he wants to leave with his other information. There is also an option to add 40 characters as a comment.

After saving the changes, the person will already be able to see the chosen song in the area under the bio. More specifically in the links section.

However, the song doesn’t play in the beta version when the profile is visited, but it can be expected that when the final version of the feature is released, it may come with the option to play music.

This feature will be familiar to those from the mid-00s as it was a noticeable option available on MySpace, the first social network that reached the global level. It allowed users to express themselves through their favorite song, which used to play every time anyone visited their profile. Choosing a song was a very big deal for teenagers, as they considered the song to be a reflection of who they are; hence, it mattered to them.

Social networking with music

Users who have been online for longer have already tried this option. As mentioned it was available on the old social network My Space during the 2000s. At that time, people were also able to add music to their social network profile.

Back at the same time, MSN also had a slightly different feature. It was not possible to hear the songs on it. However, the user can choose to display the music they are listening to.

Additionally, another social network that has allowed music listening is Tumblr. The platform has become very popular in the last decade. In it, many teenagers created their own blog to write and share photos and GIFs..

In this option, the method was out of reach. Users can create a playlist that plays while other users browse through their posts. With the arrival of new networks such as Instagram, this option ended up being neglected but could be back as a useful feature for more music social platforms looking to provide music listening while engaging with people’s profiles.

MySpace may have died out after Tom sold it but the play a song feature is still being used. The popular dating site, Raya, brought it back, allowing users to add songs to their dating profiles, so anyone looking out for dating partners can get an idea about the user’s personality from their favorite song. Music Maps Network is also allowing unique music promotion with smart tools and features. Enabling Artists/Business members to add music embeds and mostly by the simple use of a URL link from one of their song, albums, playlists, and/or channels. They can easily add, organize, and feature their music, beats, podcasts, videos, smart campaigns, social feeds, merch, events, contact forms, booking calendars, opportunities, and more. All members including fans can already share embeds “music widget players” in their KinerkTube social posts and encrypted instant chat. Plus members can feature a link in their “My Credentials” card section at the top of their member profile. An option to showcase a song there may be possible soon now that it’s a likable thing. On, you’ll notice the main place for discovering the most playable content are on the pages on the music maps made by members. Page owners can showcase whatever 3rd party music and commerce platforms they desire. Uniquly designed for sharing each content embed individually from a page (music Artist or Business) with analytics available for optimizing marketing and advertising plans.

So what are you waiting for? Try out this new feature on IG today and DIY promote your music as much as possible on relevant platforms. Let’s Go!

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