Linkfire acquired smartURL. What now?

smartURL and Linkfire have joined forces. What does that mean for the smart linking market and for smartURL and Linkfire customers? 

In response to the fragmented world of digital marketing, smartURL was the first to provide a smart link solution for the global music industry.

The company has been at the forefront of digital music marketing for over a decade and recently has found significant opportunities in integrating rather than competing with Linkfire.

Building upon smartURL’s solid foundation and Linkfire’s unparalleled features and data partnerships, we plan to elevate the smart linking industry to the next level.

Why Linkfire?

Trusted by major labels and over 50,000 artists, Linkfire is the music industry’s leading smart link platform. We give artists and their teams the intuitive design tools, effortless automations, and unparalleled insights they need to grow their careers, while seamlessly connecting billions of fans to their favorite music.

What customers love about Linkfire

At the core of Linkfire’s offering lies the mission of simplifying music marketing for artists and their teams. 

On the Linkfire platform, you’ll find everything you need to promote your music online. Create branded, trackable smart links and beautiful landing pages in just a few clicks—no coding or design skills needed.

Besides, Linkfire gives you direct access to transparent data and actionable insights that will help you make smarter marketing decisions. Plus, we’re the only smart link platform with exclusive streaming data partnerships that give you a more complete picture of the fan journey.

And as you grow in your music career journey, Linkfire is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. Track new channels as you expand your online presence, invite collaborators to your workspace as you bring on new team members, and add more advanced features to your account when the time is right.

What does the acquisition mean for smartURL customers? 

Gradually all smartURLs customers will receive invitations to join Linkfire’s music marketing and analytics platform. 

While we work hard on leveraging the acquisition, here is some relevant information on what’s to come for smartURL customers and users:

  • All smartURLs will continue to exist and will ultimately be powered by Linkfire
  • smartURL users will continue to have access to the basic features on the smartURL platform until April 1st 2022
  • smartURLs powered by Linkfire are ad supported and come with changes to the DSPs list 
  • The Linkfire team is commited `to providing all smartURL users with access to a Linkfire plan once access to smartURL is terminated


Frequently Asked Questions

01What will happen to my smartURLs?

Your smartURLs will continue to exist and will ultimately be powered by Linkfire. That means the design of your landing pages will look different, the links will be ad-supported, and depending on what destinations you feature on your landing pages, you might see changes to the DSPs list.

02My smartURLs look differently? Why is that?

Your smartURLs got a facelift once they’ve become powered by Linkfire. The changes are in terms of design and DSPs list. All your links continue to function and if you want to create new smart links, we invite you to sign-up for a Linkfire account.

03Which DPS can be featured on Linkfire powered smartURLs?

Linkfire powered smartURLs feature the following music services?
Apple Music**
Youtube Music

04Can I still create new smartURLs?

Yes, your access to smartURL will remain available until April 1 2022. That means you will be able to create new Linkfire powered smartURL.

05What will happen to my smartURL subscription?

Your smartURL subscription will be terminated after the current payment term.

You will continue to have access to the smartURL platform until April 1, 2022; but only for standard features.

There’s a new home for all your future smart links in the Linkfire marketing and analytics platform, and you’ll receive access to it (by email) before February 20, 2022.

Eager to jump on Linkfire already? Drop us an email at sm******@li******.com and we will prioritize your transition to Linkfire.

06How much does a Linkfire subscription cost?

On Linkfire you can find various levels of pricing, from $10/mo to $100/mo.

As a former paying smartURL customer, you’ll access Linkfire at the same price as your current subscription on smartURL.

07When will smartURL close?

Access to the smartURL platform will be terminated by April 1, 2022.

Now, what about KinerkTube x smartURL compatibility?

As you should know, KinerkTube is compatible with SmartURL and Linkfire, plus many more. This change will only eliminate the smartURL compatibility of embed and as well as remove all smartURL page tabs on the KinerkTube platform like the ones found on Artist/Business pages and Events. smartURL will also be removed from our member’s Social walls, Chat, and Opportunity Highway posts; in other words, the entire KinerkTube platform will not showcase smartURL again. You can now use LinkFire instead or any of the other compatible options. Contact su*****@ki********.com for more information and/or if you have questions or would like support getting your campaigns like LinkFire up on

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