New for DistroKid members!

If a listener on TIDAL’s HiFi Plus tier loves you SO MUCH that you’re their most-listened-to artist, you’ll receive up to 10% of their subscriber fees.

This is a new source of revenue for artists. It’s called “Tidal Direct Artist Payouts.”

More info for artists:

When you use DistroKid, every month that you’re the most-listened-to artist of a Tidal HiFi Plus subscriber, up to 10% of their subscription fee goes directly to you.

Once you’ve earned a balance of at least $50 from Tidal HiFi Plus subscribers, Tidal will send the money to you via DistroKid (in your “bank” tab). As always, DistroKid doesn’t take a cut.

Important! To start receiving the 10%, you need to opt-in, here:

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This is a free service we worked on with Tidal — and we hope you love it.

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