Introducing Spotify’s ‘Only You’ Feature That Highlights Your Musical Taste

Nothing says ‘you’ like your listening patterns and habits. And whether you proudly wear your Post Malone fandom on your sleeve or hide your love of listening to Taylor Swift from her earlier albums, Spotify is celebrating your unique audio style with a new in-app experience.

Introducing Spotify’s ‘Only You’ Feature That Highlights Your Musical Taste -Plus, a new beta function lets users merge their music preferences with a friend.

The Only You global campaign provides fun features like your audio birth chart—”a musical meeting of cosmic proportions,” according to a company blog announcement—and dream dinner party: choose three artists you’d invite to a meal, and Spotify will create personalized mixes for each to set the mood. ??

You can now dive even deeper into your music streaming habits and see an overlook of your music journey by finding out how you’ve musically traveled through different time periods, what you’re inclined to listen to at certain times of the day, and the music and podcast genres that “sets your listening apart,” the blog said. Complete the experience to receive new personalized playlists, housed in the Only You hub.

“Only You celebrates the unique ways in which eligible users listen, but we know that music is powerful in bringing people together. So alongside Only You, we’re also rolling out a new personalized feature called Blend,”


Currently in beta, Blend invites two friends (with a Spotify Free or Premium plan) to merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist. ??????

Mobile-only Blend updates daily, evolving over time based on the users’ listening habits; identify how each friend has influenced the track choice via the adjacent profile picture. The goal, according to Spotify, is to make it easier for people to connect, discover, and share content.

Blend and Only You follow after Wrapped, Spotify’s personalized, annual wrap-up of the music and genres each member has listened to that year. The algorithm tracks how much time you spent listening to music, your favorite artists, and the tracks you had on repeat. It’s tailor-made for social sharing and often makes a splash online each year from all kinds of international listeners.

“fans can head to to enjoy a Wrapped-esque shareable experience made especially for them.”


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