How To Add Boomplay To Your KinerkTube Page(s) + You Can Also Add To Events, Posts, Chat, & More

?Boom? added Boomplay embed compatibility and we may be the first to do it since it’s a new feature they just released.


Boomplay (formally known as Boom Player) is a music and video streaming & download service developed and owned by Transsnet Music Limited. Boomplay’s vision is to build the largest and most reliable digital music ecosystem for artists and content creators in Africa.

With KinerkTube you can easily add Boomplay’s brand new embed widget feature and place it anywhere on KinerkTube you can imagine; embed on your one-stop-shop music pages, events, social posts to your social walls (My Street & Activity Lane), instant chat, group chats, on opportunity highway posts (Upgraded Member Feature) and more. You can also choose to embed it on your page(s) or event(s) featured sections to showcase it when a visitor or fan visits any tab of your page.

KinerkTube has already built a powerhouse of embed compatibility with dozens of music streaming platforms including video streaming services, beats, podcasts, NFT, Merch (Shopify, Stripe Button (custom branded checkout), smart campaigns, booking calendars, and more. Add contacts, social links, social feeds, booking forms, opportunities, payment links, and more. Most of the embeds are compatible with just a URL link like Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, AudioMack, YouTube, Vimeo, and many more including our partners at Odesli (Song.Link now owned by LinkTree) with your choice of embed or just the URL link of the webpage. It’s that easy. Of course you’ll want to add song details such as the title, genres, mood if you would like, and description. Emojis work in title and description also ?.

Check out the image below to see compatible sites on KinerkTube that you can leverage on KinerkTube and collect more engagement, streams, and fans as well as industry contacts along the way.

Remember, anyone can share any embed to their KinerkTube social wall, meaning you can share any embed player to your profile wall (My Street) and it shares to your friends and followers on your Activity Lane but the best part is; the embed player plays inside the post and links back to your page. For more exposure, make it public to show on all member’s social public community wall called Community Lane. Gain analytics on your pages and all content embeds to show clicks and engagement plus more niche insights.

Don’t have a account yet? Join today! The standard package plan is free forever and has more than and Artist can ask for. Upgrade for more pages and control Featured Spotlight exposure plus more perks like access to post in the Opportunity Highway Marketplace and more limits. Each page on KinerkTube represents a role, brand, service, or business one has in the music scene. Make new connections today.

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