Blockchain DSP Audius Acquires Virtual Music Expeirence Platform

Audius, the leading decentralized music company, has acquired The acquisition will expand Audius’s efforts in the virtual concert space and give users access to a new streaming service that is blockchain-powered.
Soundstage provides live streams of concerts from top artists including Metallica and Radiohead while also providing an on-demand catalog of curated tracks for listeners to enjoy.

At Audius, we are always excited to expand the ways that artists can interact with their most passionate fans.

Roneil Rumburg, CEO and Founder of Audius | by Aroundthecoin | Around The Coin | Medium has built one of the most compelling environments for artists and their fans to meet virtually and is a natural extension of what the Audius community is building. We’re excited for the artists that love Audius to connect with their fans in the metaverse.

Roneil Rumburg is a live performance website that allows fans to watch electronic music stars perform their music in real-time. It’s not just about watching the show, though; you can also chat with other people who are watching and share your thoughts on what’s happening on-screen. was created by Forrest Browning and his brother Seth Browning, two brothers from Texas who have been making music together since they were kids. They met while studying at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Forrest Browning
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Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Audius | Forbes 30 Under 30

The new virtual concert platform has already headlined electronic music stars Firebeatz, Kill Paris, ill.Gates and others. These EDM Artists have graced the mainstage for immersive live performances.

Audius, the blockchain music company is already rolling out an “ambitious product roadmap” in the wake of the deal with According to Forrest Browning, co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

You’ll get cutting-edge audio spatial technology with’s virtual concerts, plus, it enables fans to “join via webcam and interact with both the audience and artist in a realistic-like experience.” Once a viewer enters the EDM-centric platform, they can dance and hang out with other users in the crowd.

When you think of think of a social network that offers a novel way to connect with likeminded music fans. It also doubles as a podcasting service, where users can listen to both live and pre-recorded shows. It allows you to find new artists, see what your favorite bands are up to (or download their latest album), and even chat with other listeners in real-time.

“My intention with was to produce the next best thing to a physical concert,” added CEO and founder Ara Kevonian.

The goal was to deliver an experience that allowed fans and artists to interact as their human selves. As we found out, that human element proved to be key in recreating the excitement that was lost in existing livestream and virtual concert offerings. I’m excited to bring to Audius and join the Audius ecosystem. Roneil and Forrest share the same vision of bringing more unique and compelling experiences to fans while giving the artist full creative freedom.

Ara Kevonian – CEO and Founder

Audius Compatibilty on KinerkTube

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