Apple Music Playlists: The Future of Music Outreach

Playlists have connected individuals since the dawn of digital media. Today, most people can still recall creating CD mixtapes of their favorite songs and sharing such music with their friends, family, or romantic partners. Since the advent of applications such as Apple Music, this process is a click away.

The beauty of creating a playlist is that YOU become the conductor of emotions. More often than not, a series of songs in an album consistently hit the same tone (calm, somber, vigorous, etc.). However, a playlist is essentially the album of its creator aka the listener. As a result, emotions can shift between a set of two songs. This becomes especially powerful when that shift is made by the playlist’s creator to please someone or a group of people, similar to how a DJ guides a room.

Apple Music, and applications similar to it, grant the listener access to a vast library of songs that includes the latest hits. For an artist, being associated with other musicians through a playlist allows their music to reach additional fans. How are playlists on Apple Music the future of musical outreach? Simple. Variety.