A Mesmerizing Music Video Created Using Google Street View Images From Around the World

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Director Adam Chitayat created an incredible timelapse music video that he made entirely out of Google Street View images, using it to illustrate the Axel Bowman song “Out Sailing”.

I started crafting a project using entirely Google Maps Streetview Images. I viewed and downloaded the world from my desk, finding amazing spaces, altering, hand tracking and creating timelapses and shots.

Adam Chitayat

Chitayat had compiled and edited the video while he was stuck at home due to COVID and “desperate for the outside world”. When he heard the Swedish electronic DJ’s (Axel Bowman) song, he knew that he made the video for a reason. Initially, he wasn’t sure what to do with his unique creation and it sat on his hard drive until he heard the song “Out Sailing”.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the material. Until I heard the latest album from Axel Boman. ..Here was a song from one of my favorite artists with such a propulsive and idealistic reaching out towards the wider world. Letting the wind take us, with love as the sail, a blur of adventure.

Adam Chitayat

Chitayat took pictures from amazing places like Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany, Grand Canyon and Burj Al Arab in United Arab Emirates.

Axl Bowman was thrilled with the work, the DJ wrote on Instagram:

out selling LUZ is conceived from my album!


Using only Google Street View and a lot of clever editing, Adam Chitayat has created an adorable journey around the world … Thank you very much.


Wonders of Google Street View

Earlier this week, peta pixel Reported on a British woman who was “shocked” after standing in the same spot nine years apart on Google Maps Street View.

More of Chiyat’s work can be found on his Instagram and website.

I listened to Axl Bowman’s latest album. Here was a song by one of my favorite artists with such inspiring and idealistic reaching out to the wider world. Let the wind carry us a blaze of adventure across the plane

Adam Chitayat

”Out Sailing” from my album LUZ has been visualized!!! Using only google street views and very clever editing, Adam Chitayat has created a mind blowing trip around the globe.



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